The first 5 song set from Brooklyn's Diver Through is finally available via Subluna Records.  The Scattered Days EP is the introduction to the band recorded both in the city and by the sea and captures the band in early sessions for their 2014 LP.  The Scattered Days EP is hazy shoegaze indie rock.  It's pop, it's dark, it's melodic, it's catchy.  Diver Through is made up of lifelong friends who are just as likely to be caught surfing the perfect waves of Indo as they are to be in a studio making music.  Check out the lead track "Underground Years (BKNY Remix)" on Soundcloud remixed by DT friend James Brown (thank you JB).

Track Listing: 

  1. New/New
  2. Underground Years (BKNY Remix) 
  3. Jacksonville/Daydrinking/Dream
  4. Helicopter
  5. Make A Sound

Stream the EP via Spotify and iTunes Radio.


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Fans of the tracks posted on Soundcloud should know that Diver Through is releasing a 5 song EP called "The Scattered Days EP" with those tracks from SC as well as 3 others, including a remix of the track Underground Years.  More details as we approach the release including links to the iTunes and Google Play store for purchase.  Songs include "new/new", "underground years", and "helicopter".

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AuthorSubluna Records
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